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  • Wear Fused Glass - 25-01-2015
    When you wear fused glass, it not only enhances your appearance, but also brings attention to the art of glass fusing.

  • Glass Fusing Information and Instructions - 21-01-2015
    A great website dedicated assisting others in learning all the glass fusing processes and techniques. There are pages devoted to step by step beginners, intermediate and advanced level projects. The pages are filled with impressive articles, hints on creating a workspace, the various types of glass for fusing and even a problem solving page.

  • Glass Bottle Art - 19-11-2014
    Glass bottle art is becoming an appealing approach to permanently personalize glass and construct a heart-felt art design. Learn all the fun and exciting ways to transform glass bottles inside your kiln.

  • Ruling Pen - 30-09-2014
    Have you ever used a ruling pen in your glass fusing projects? This simple pen holds liquid in a slot between two flexible metal jaws.

  • Rigidizer - 13-08-2014
    Rigidizer is a compound of colloidal silica. It is used to coat ceramic fiber products to provide protection from erosion and to harden the surface to a certain degree.

  • Refractory Bricks - 21-05-2014
    Refractory bricks are made from materials that stay physically and chemically stable in high temperatures. Bricks made like this are used for the lining of kilns, furnaces, fireplaces and fireboxes.

  • Pattern Bar Slices - 01-05-2014
    Pattern bar slices are made from cutting off certain widths of pattern bars. Pattern bars are made from layers of strips of glass, stringers or frit and typically are made from different colors.

  • Morton System - 01-04-2014
    The Morton System makes up an integrated system of tools that help you cut glass more easily and safely. Some cuts in fact would be almost impossible to make using other equipment.

  • Pattern Bar - 13-11-2013
    A pattern bar is the result of fusing together different colors of glass into a thick bundle. Once fused they are then cut to create colorful fused glass patterns.

  • Anything In Stained Glass--Frederick, MD - 14-09-2013
    A glass candy store! This place is HUGE and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable! They carry a wide variety of stained glass and fusing supplies and

  • Ramp Time - 26-08-2013
    The rate at which a kiln's temperature changes is considered the ramp time. This applies to both increasing and decreasing temperatures and is part of the firing schedule of any glass fusing process.

  • Fused Glass Links - 06-08-2013
    Fused glass links that will assist you in finding supplies and sources for all of your glass fusing accessories.

  • Peep Hole - 11-06-2013
    A peep hole is a very valuable part on your glass fusing kiln. It allows you to see if you projects are at the right stage, so they can go through the annealing and cooling process.

  • Kiln Sitter - 23-05-2013
    Kiln sitters are special mechanisms that remove the power from the heating elements once the desired temperature has been reached inside the kiln.

  • MUD - 16-05-2013
    Mud is an interesting product that is used to enhance your fused glass projects. The steps are quite simple and the product is very easy to use.

  • Kiln Forming - 14-05-2013
    Kiln forming is the process of using a kiln to heat and form glass into various objects. There are various procedures that fall under this category of glass fusing.

  • Hard Glass - 02-05-2013
    Hard glass has a high viscosity at high temperatures. Its softening point is also high, which makes it a bit difficult to melt.

  • Making a Fused Glass Donut - 11-04-2013
    This page will help you in the different ways of making a fused glass donut. These can be drilled, free formed, or molded.

  • Grozing - 09-04-2013
    Grozing is the action of removing small sections of glass. This is considered a cold working process.

  • Copper Mesh Method - 02-04-2013
    Copper mesh screening can be used to line up bubbles in your fused glass artwork. This page describes this method.

  • Fused Glass Workshops - 29-03-2013
    Designing Fused glass workshops. What items do you need to set up a studio?

  • Seeds - 27-03-2013
    Seeds are small air bubbles that are trapped in glass during the manufacturing process and are mostly found in glass that is unheated.

  • Hot Glass - 22-03-2013
    Hot glass (sometimes referred to as warm glass) is glass processes such as slumping and fusing that are performed at temperatures ranging from 1100 to 1700 degrees F.

  • Dust Masks - 17-03-2013
    Dust masks will not add much protection, but they are great for protecting you from glass dust or fine particles. Use appropriate protection depending on the process.

  • Glass Cutter Types - 17-03-2013
    Glass cutter types and the use of cutter oil to lubricate these.

  • Strain Point - 17-03-2013
    What is the strain point in the glass fusing process? Learn more about releasing internal stress in your fusing projects.

  • Fused Glass - 04-03-2013
    Fused Glass has gone through a special heating process in the kiln at high temperatures to adhere more than one piece of cut glass to another piece.

  • Glass Embossing - 20-02-2013
    Glass embossing is an easy and hot way to add dimension to your fusing pieces. This process does require the purchase of special embossing stamps and an embossing handle.

  • Texture Pad - 29-01-2013
    A texture pad can be used to place permanent depth and design in any fused glass artwork. Iridized glass looks stunning with a detailed pattern embedded into the glass.

  • Red Dress - 20-01-2013
    Join the movement towards heart disease awareness by making Red Dress pins for all the women in your life.

  • New Years Day Projects - 31-12-2012
    New Years Day design ideas and patterns. Looking for the right patterns to fuse some New Years Eve designs, check out this page.

  • Pebeo Vitrea 160 Paints - 15-12-2012
    Pebeo Vitrea paints can be used to enhance and add unique colors to your fusing projects. See what these paints are and how they can be used in your fusing experiences.

  • Bottle Cutter - 12-12-2012
    What is the best bottle cutter for cutting scrap bottles? Or should you even try a bottle cutter?

  • Decorating Christmas Ornaments - 02-12-2012
    Decorating Christmas ornaments is simple and fun with a spicy gingerbread man. See how easy these are to make in the kiln.

  • Christmas Pin - 14-11-2012
    Directions for making an angelic Christmas pin to adorn your favorite holiday sweater.

  • Fused Glass Christmas - 09-11-2012
    Making fused glass Christmas decorations. Warm up the holidays with some fused glass ornaments or artwork.

  • Creative Thanksgiving Crafts - 31-10-2012
    Thanksgiving crafts can be an inventive and creative way to share some of your fusing crafts during this season. Make some pins or dishware to share with your loved ones.

  • Wispy Black Spider - 19-10-2012
    A black spider can send chills up and down your spine. See how to construct and fuse these bugs inside the kiln.

  • Lady Beetle - 15-10-2012
    Lady beetle pins make spectacular adornments for any summertime outfit. The fanciful decoration will definitely draw attention from all of your friends and strangers.

  • Lightning Bugs - 05-10-2012
    Have you ever seen lightning bugs as they sprinkle illumination throughout the summer night? These fascinating creatures seem to dance playfully against the black evening background.